Lumigent's New Audit DB 5.5 Reduces Cost for IT Audit, Compliance Processes

New policy framework documents the use of sensitive information in accordance with policy; reporting automates delivery of analysis customized by business role and compliance regulations

ACTON, Mass.-- September 25, 2006 -- Lumigent Technologies, Inc. today announced Lumigent Audit DBT 5.5, which further reduces the time required for compliance and IT audit preparation. Lumigent's new policy and reporting capabilities enable users to streamline control processes, easily prove compliance, and tailor audit results for individual company stakeholders. The software is the most comprehensive solution ensuring the integrity and use of sensitive data available today.

In developing Audit DB 5.5, Lumigent incorporated the feedback from its 470-plus customers -- by far the largest database auditing user base. From these interactions, Lumigent developed flexible industry best-practice security-policy templates, against which data activity is compared for acceptable, secure use. Such policies could specify that employees only access sensitive data during normal business hours. When users perform data auditing against specific policy definitions it generates highly relevant results, reducing interpretation and remediation time. Lumigent provides the most complete audit trail available, and the new policy framework enables contextualized insight for compliance and security.

"Preparing for IT audits can take weeks and organizations are demanding best-practice information to create appropriate security policy rules and tailored reporting," said Cliff Pollan, CEO of Lumigent. "With Audit DB 5.5, we have automated every data auditing step -- from policy set-up and auditing against that policy to developing quick remedial action and evidentiary information for auditors -- and organized the results into relevant reports. Our unique ability to automate end-to-end analysis directly at the database source can help organizations reduce the costs associated with compliance."

The new Lumigent Audit DB 5.5 software's enhanced reporting capabilities automate the creation of stakeholder-customized reports. This reduces the time and cost associated with developing reports manually. Reports provide trend information across date ranges, helping executives quickly determine how security policies are working. Auditor and DBA-level reports give more granular technical detail. Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 and other regulation-based reports can be developed too, delivering quick analysis and assurance for specific IT controls.

Lumigent Audit DB 5.5 provides other key differentiators. Audit DB is the only product that can provide insight into whether sensitive information was used in accordance with policy. It provides the relevant, contextual information for both the cause and effect of user activity, and production of forensic-level information for auditors. In addition, Lumigent is the only solution that never requires enabling intensive native database auditing. Instead, it is based on actual use as recorded by native database transaction or archive logs-the most authoritative source pertaining to database activity.

Lumigent Audit DB 5.5 provides the following benefits:

Policy Engine:

  • Based on Best Practices: The software provides policies derived from pre-defined industry best practices.

  • Flexible: Organizations can frame their own individual rules governing acceptable data access.

  • Customization: Policies focused on audit, security or administration deliver role-based results to an organization's various cross-functional interest groups.


  • Push-Button Delivery: Without manual manipulation, reports are ready to be delivered at a moment's notice.

  • Prioritization: Reports classify events and audit conditions by severity, which supports workflow-based resolution.

  • Library of Reports: Comprehensive report packs target the needs of various stakeholders related to the audit.

Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Reporting

Lumigent Audit DB 5.5 features a Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 report pack. This helps public companies document the adequacy and scope of their internal controls. The report tracks the following activities critical to compliance:

  • Financial Data Access: Views from suspect hosts and access outside of normal business hours.

  • Financial Data Use: Administrative changes and direct database activity that affect financial assets.

  • Historical Perspective: Trend information on financial data activity over time.

  • Suspicious Activities: Troubling behavior such as excessive logfails or failed commands, each of which demands further attention.

Platform Support

Lumigent Audit DB 5.5 works with database products from Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 support has been added, and IBM DB2 support will come shortly.

About Lumigent

Lumigent provides database auditing solutions for compliance and security. Lumigent's award-winning technology offers the most complete database auditing capability available today, providing organizations with strong IT controls for database access to pass IT audits, address regulatory compliance and enhance data security. Through automation of costly manual controls, Lumigent supports a sustainable, cost-effective compliance program and assures the integrity of sensitive information. Lumigent enables organizations to understand and reconcile what users could do, with what they actually did. For further information, please call 866.586.4436 or visit

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