Devon IT Announces First Low-Cost Thin-Client Notebook

SafeBook has all the features of a thin-client terminal combined with the portability and convenience of a notebook computer.

King of Prussia, PA, October 10, 2006 -- Devon IT today announced the availability of SafeBook™, the thin-client notebook. Devon IT’s SafeBook has all the feature businesses have come to expect from a thin-client terminal, such as a low purchase price and total cost of ownership savings. SafeBook offers enterprise IT a device that is simple-to-manage, portable and provides the user the experience of a notebook PC.

"The business imperative for thin-client computing has never been greater,” explained Joe Makoid, president, Devon IT. “Security, manageability, and lower total cost of ownership are demonstrated benefits of implementing thin clients in an enterprise IT environment. But what has been missing until now is a cost-effective solution that offers thin-client security combined with notebook-style mobility.”

Devon IT’s SafeBook, starting at $799, is a mobile thin-client notebook which does not have a hard disk. No data or applications are stored on the mobile thin-client. Applications are installed directly on the company's servers which authorize users' remote access through Citrix ICA or Microsoft RDP protocols.

“Next-generation clients provide more security, access, and ease of management than traditional PCs,” said Dr. Tom Bradicich, IBM bellow and CTO, System x and BladeCenter Servers. “Devon IT’s SafeBook now adds mobility and portability, making desktop and laptop migration even more attractive.”

"The Devon IT SafeBook is the next step for businesses looking for better enterprise security while still providing mobility,” commented Chris Fleck, vice president, business development, for Citrix Systems. "By using Citrix to access virtual desktops and applications through SafeBook, businesses don't need to trade-off high security for mobile productivity, they can have both.”

SafeBook has all the features of a thin-client terminal along with the portability and convenience of a notebook computer.

  • No hard drive, no sensitive data can be lost

  • No viruses, spyware or hijacks

  • Microsoft XPe for true PC experience

  • Runs anywhere, through wireless, Ethernet, or 3G Broadband connections

  • Battery lasts for over 6 hours

  • Super light, super fast

The Devon IT SafeBook runs Windows XP Embedded (XPe), especially adapted to the thin-client/server architecture. This architecture allows the control of all types of management applications, ASP, Internet, and business applications.

"With SafeBook, corporate data remains ultra-secure, workers can stay mobile and flexible while IT departments retain control," noted Makoid. "SafeBook is where mobility meets security. Businesses and organizations that need flexibility and mobility but also need to secure corporate data – and that is all of them – need to evaluate the SafeBook."

For details about how to obtain the Devon IT SafeBook, e-mail or call 610-757-4110 or toll-free: 888-524-9382. More information about SafeBook is available at

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