DYS Analytics Ships Updated Email CONTROL! for Microsoft Exchange

Helps midsize firms manage their messaging infrastructure; alerts on e-mail performance issues, speeds problem resolution

WALTHAM, Mass., October 10, 2006 -- DYS Analytics, Inc., announced that it has shipped a new version of its award-winning Email CONTROL! for Exchange software. Adding major new unique features that continually measure the real-time health of the entire messaging system from the end-user's perspective, ECX is the first Exchange management solution that combines sophisticated usage analysis with real-time alerts. ECX provides IT staff with critical information needed to ensure high availability, e-mail policy compliance and potential e-mail misuse identification.

With worldwide daily e-mail traffic up 26 percent in Q1 2006 over the previous year’s period (see note below), organizations are struggling to keep their messaging systems performing well. ECX helps organizations quickly assess how e-mail is performing, who is using the system, and how it is being used. The product delivers both real-time and historical views of Exchange messaging traffic -- information that is not provided by Exchange. Deployed easily, without the need to install agents or software any Exchange server, ECX quickly helps resolve operational issues -- while providing the needed insight for strategic initiatives such as platform upgrades/migrations and server consolidations.

“My Exchange network has quadrupled in size in the past 18 months. Being able to see -- at a glance -- how Exchange is performing is essential to assuring acceptable e-mail performance between our office and 18 remote locations on our network to date,” said Brandon McHenry, systems administrator for the State of Mississippi’s North Mississippi Regional Center, a unit of the Department of Mental Health.

“There’s no way I could ever do this with the tools provided in the base platform. The sophistication of the reports and alerts in the new ECX software is great, and I was proficient at working with the software within the first week. It gives me the metrics to know where our e-mail usage has been, and where it’s going, so I can get a grip on our exponential e-mail growth.”

ECX also helps firms with seemingly mundane e-mail issues, such as the ECX customer whose technician accidentally unplugged a network connection. The ECX HealthTrack feature flagged the problem and the cable was reconnected before a single user noticed Internet e-mail had stopped flowing. Another ECX customer benefits by establishing one aspect of SOX compliancy – confirming that employees in corporate finance positions, who have left the company, have their mailbox truly removed.

New HealthTrack Feature

The new ECX version includes HealthTrack™ -- an innovative testing feature that measures the health of the entire messaging system from the end-user's perspective -- based on delivery times and performance. Unlike SNMP and MOM-based products, HealthTrack measures end-to-end message delivery times for its automatically generated probe e-mails. If probes are delivered late or not at all, HealthTrack issues alerts. This allows the admin to immediately know when something has gone awry, and immediately correct it, like the unplugged cable example above.

In addition, the HealthTrack feature graphically displays how e-mail is routed throughout the network and highlights the location of e-mail trouble-spots in real time, so Exchange managers can take immediate and focused steps to repair the network.

As with earlier versions, ECX provides a rich set of graphical analysis features and reporting templates from information stored deep inside the server. With ECX, IT staff readily gain the insight they need to:

  • speed help-desk resolution

  • Confirm server real-time status, balance server loads

  • Clean up mailboxes

  • Create and enforce e-mail policies

  • Confirm service level compliance

  • Enhance security

  • Budget for capacity

ECX is sold through DYS’ direct sales staff and with this release is now available for sale via Web download. Prices start at $199 for 100 users and increase with Exchange user count.

“The unexpected happens all the time, yet IT staffs are expected to keep Exchange systems always up and running,” said Andrew Wolff, vice president of products at DYS Analytics. “ECX is an elegant and affordable solution that empowers IT staffs to efficiently ensure continual e-mail performance.”

About DYS Analytics

DYS Analytics provides innovative products and services that manage today’s top messaging platforms. DYS lets IT staff regain control of their Microsoft Exchange, IBM Notes Domino, IBM Lotus Sametime and IBM Lotus Quickplace networks. Using CONTROL!, administration costs are slashed, service quality is improved, user policies are created and enforced, security improved and delivery issues resolved. For more information, visit http://www.dysanalytics.com.

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Note: Radicati Group, "Market Numbers Summary Update, Q1 2006," (May 9, 2006) as cited at http://www.tekrati.com.

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