EVault Simplifies Management and Enhances Performance of Data Protection Offerings

EVault InfoStage and EVault Reports address market need for easy to use data protection solutions with industry-first centralized management, performance and reporting capabilities

Emeryville, Calif., Oct. 16, 2006 -- EVault, Inc. today announced the general availability of new versions of EVault InfoStage and EVault Reports software that deliver a series of industry-first features, and address the need for simple-to-administer, high-performance data protection for businesses both small and large. EVault InfoStage is disk-to-disk backup and recovery software for protecting an entire company's business-critical data, while EVault Reports offers Web-based reporting on storage-related information regarding backup and recovery processes. EVault is also the only vendor in the industry that can offer customers the unique choice between purchasing licensed software or subscribing to the EVault Protect online service, which is powered by the latest versions of EVault InfoStage and EVault Reports software.

The new releases of EVault InfoStage and EVault Reports meet business requirements by delivering enhanced features that streamline management of the entire data protection environment. A browser-based dashboard offers complete accessibility and real-time visibility to all data assets and recovery jobs. Setup and administration are simplified, and auto discovery of new backup agents and wizards facilitate task configuration and scheduling. Network performance and security along with new sophisticated file recovery and reporting capabilities have also been improved in these next generation solutions.

"EVault enables small to mid-size businesses to implement enterprise-class data protection best practices, reducing the risk of data loss or business disruption without adding operational expenses," said Brian Babineau, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "An organization's size should not limit its ability to monitor, report, and optimize its data protection operations. These product enhancements help EVault's customers maximize the value of investing in data protection services."

EVault InfoStage: Improves Management, Visibility, and Performance

EVault InfoStage offers new Server Agents that maximize network performance. User-defined dynamic bandwidth throttling is an industry first, allowing users to control operations during the day, and speed them up at night. This minimizes disruptions to daily business activity and lowers operation costs by balancing network surcharges and storage consumption. Backup and recovery is simplified with easy-to-use file filtering and searching options and restoration from multiple points in time. EVault InfoStage cost-effectively protects multiple platforms and applications, including Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM iSeries, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle databases, and IBM DB2.

EVault Reports: Web-based, Real-time, Immediate, and Centralized Information

EVault Reports is an easy-to-manage Web-based reporting tool that complements the dashboard to provide the user with key metrics such as storage consumption and backup environment, including backup configuration, schedules and historical activity. EVault Reports is scalable from a single vault to multi-site deployments and offers enhanced centralized reporting features, including flexible filtering and output options, easy customization to present only the required reports to designated users, and the ability to automatically schedule and distribute reports in HTML or PDF via email, which is also an industry first.

"Companies need to trust that their data is protected, and want to access and manage their entire data environment easily and seamlessly from a single console," said Richard Heitmann, vice president of product management at EVault, Inc. "We developed the dashboard and other enhancements for EVault InfoStage and EVault Reports to address these concerns and help over-burdened IT managers, who often don't have enough time and resources to devote to data protection."

EVault InfoStage and EVault Reports are available now. For more information visit http://www.evault.com or contact an EVault expert at 877-382-8581.

About EVault

EVault meets the most stringent regulatory and security requirements with its solutions and services that include backup and recovery, data, e-mail, and instant-message archiving, e-discovery, and professional services for business continuity and disaster recovery planning and testing. EVault's proprietary technology makes it easy to protect and recover critical data across a broad range of operating systems and applications. For more information about EVault, visit http://www.evault.com or contact an EVault expert at 877-382-8581.

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