JasperSoft Launches the Professional Edition of JasperAnalysis, Extending Open-Source Business Intelligence Suite

JasperAnalysis Professional delivers industry standard OLAP analysis capabilities to the JasperIntelligence business intelligence suite

SAN FRANCISCO, October 24, 2006 -- JasperSoft Corporation today launched JasperAnalysis Professional, an OLAP analysis engine that extends the functionality of their JasperIntelligence Professional open-source business intelligence (BI) suite. JasperSoft also announced updated versions of other applications in their suite, including JasperServer Professional, iReport design tool, and JasperReports reporting library. JasperServer Professional comes with a new web-based drag and drop ad hoc reporting interface.

JasperAnalysis allows a wide range of people in businesses to quickly explore trends, patterns and anomalies in their data. The product is designed to be easy to use via an intuitive web-based user interface for everyday business users, as well as provide the power required by business analysts. Analysis capabilities include on-the-fly drill, pivot, filtering, and summarization of data. Information can also be visualized using a wide range of chart types and options.

JasperAnalysis is based on a relational OLAP architecture, so the data resides in standard RDBMS systems and is based on the OLAP de facto standards XML/A and MDX that are widely used by other leading BI vendors, allowing the product to be integrated into existing infrastructure and leverage existing IT staff skills. Components of the JasperIntelligence suite that JasperAnalysis is a part of have been downloaded more than 1.6 million times and used in more than 10,000 deployments worldwide.

“JasperAnalysis Professional was developed in response to customer demand for a more complete open source BI suite of applications,” said Paul Doscher, CEO of JasperSoft. With JasperSoft’s open-source BI revenue doubling every quarter for the past year, we feel that our open-source business is meeting the needs of people frustrated by the high cost and complexity of proprietary BI systems.”

JasperAnalysis is available in two editions: Open Source and Professional. The Open Source edition is available for free download and use, subject to the GPL open source license, from the JasperForge.org community site as part of the JasperIntelligence Open Source suite. The Professional edition is the commercial version based on the Open Source edition with extended features, support, documentation, platform certification, quality assurance, and a managed release cycle. Both the Open Source and the Professional editions are distributed with visible and modifiable source code. JasperSoft currently has more than 4,000 paying customers of its BI products.

Key features of JasperAnalysis Professional product line include:

  • Data drill, pivot, filter, sort, summarize, and charting

  • Scalability and performance tuning enhancements proven on up to 1 terabyte of data

  • Extended certified platform support including databases (Oracle Database, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server), application servers (BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Oracle Application Server), and operating systems (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise;

  • Enhanced documentation designed for IT teams in businesses

  • Commercial license, warranty, and indemnification

  • Managed release cycle and professional quality assurance testing

  • Extended professional technical support options.

Both JasperAnalysis Open Source and Professional editions share the following features:

  • Support for MySQL, Tomcat, JBoss, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Hibernate

  • Options to buy additional support, documentation and training.

Pricing and Availability

JasperAnalysis Professional is available under a commercial license. Customers have full access to all source code. JasperAnalysis Professional pricing starts at $5,000 for a one-year subscription which includes a license grant, indemnification and technical support, with higher-end options available for additional processors, enhanced support channels, and severity-based response times.

About JasperSoft

JasperSoft is a leader in open-source business intelligence (BI), offering the most widely used open0source BI software in the world. The company’s JasperIntelligence architecture is comprised of open-source server, report design, analytics, and commercial software for scalable enterprise applications. More information is available at http://www.jaspersoft.com or http://www.jasperforge.org

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