St. Bernard Software Launches Enterprise Reporting Server for Internet Filtering Appliances

Delivers accurate enterprise-class reports on employee Web use

San Diego, CA, October 25, 2006 -- St. Bernard Software, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism. The Enterprise Reporting Server is a dedicated appliance that provides a complete aggregate view of an organization's Web usage, and delivers industry leading reporting speed and capacity within a company's distributed network.

The Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism provides centralized reports that cover a company's entire distributed network. In addition, it allows companies to consolidate reports from multiple iPrism appliances within minutes, saving valuable IT resources for other activities. Companies can also schedule reports to run at any time, as well as generate on-demand reports as needed.

"Cumulative and accurate Internet filtering reports are an important part of protecting our organization and making sure our employees are using the Web for its intended business purpose while at work," said Kevin Sampo, Jr., security engineer at Winterthur US Holdings, Inc. "The speed and storage capacity of the Enterprise Reporting Server gives us the ability to set recurring or on-demand reports in order to make sure our AUP is being followed. Additionally, it used to take us hours to complete the detailed reporting that we can now do in minutes."

The Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism supports over 100 million events, or Web visits, generated per day from all iPrisms within an organization, relieving concerns about hitting a threshold when reports are needed. With over 1 terabyte (TB) of storage capacity, enough for more than 2 billion Web access and IM/P2P events, organizations benefit from months of report archival, which can indicate trends and usage by location, individual user or for the entire organization.

Another important feature for all companies when reporting on Internet use is failover for data protection. The Enterprise Reporting Server comes with a dual-power supply, keeping data safe in the most adverse conditions. With RAID 10 hard drives, companies never have to power down the Enterprise Reporting Server to solve problems, further keeping important data secure.

"Organizations now depend on the Internet more than ever. They must also be able to enforce Web usage policies and comply with numerous regulations, while being able to report on employee Web behavior as needed," said Steve Yin, VP of sales and marketing at St. Bernard Software. "With the Enterprise Reporting Server, companies can streamline Web monitoring across multiple iPrisms by producing consolidated reports and spotting any issues in one central location, with unmatched speed and accuracy."

Key benefits of the Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism include:

  • Productivity: The Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism gives companies an instant and long-term view of Web activity across the organization, enabling companies to address the productivity drain from employees who access non-business related sites.

  • Security: The Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism allows companies to monitor and report on all Internet protocols across the entire network, helping IT managers pinpoint security concerns that come from inadvertent downloading instantly, such as spyware, malware, and phishing.

  • Liability: The Enterprise Reporting Server for iPrism allows organizations to know where acceptable use policy (AUP) violations are occurring in order to deal with infractions quickly, before they turn into serious legal situations.

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