Open-E Releases Open-E Data Storage Server for Unified IP-Storage

All-in-one IP-storage software combining NAS and IP-SAN in one single application

PUCHHEIM, Germany, October 26, 2006 -- Open-E today announced a turnkey IP-storage operating system that supports both iSCSI Storage Area Networks (IP-SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) simultaneously. The Open-E Data Storage Server (DSS) turns standard server components into unified networked storage appliances for both NAS and IP-SAN.

Open-E DSS is Open-E´s fourth generation of field-proven storage software and incorporates all expertise of the Open-E NAS-XSR Enterprise and Open-E iSCSI Enterprise in one internal USB-DOM (Disk-On-Module). “Open-E DSS is a major step for our solution providers and OEM customers to offer IP-storage systems, which are highly competitive in a market dominated by companies like EMC and NetApp,” said Krzysztof Franek, Open-E´s president.

“Open-E DSS not only offers unified IP Storage, but many new features which improves the data security, scalability, stability and manageability of the Open-E storage systems. We have integrated new and improved backup and recovery applications for proactive and simple protection of the stored information, like iSCSI volume replication, task mechanism, backup utilities, and support for virtual tape libraries (VTL) to virtualize storage as tape hardware for backup-to-disk in existing archiving policies.”

Other integrated features of Open-E DSS include:

  • Support for tape libraries and autoloaders

  • Support for serial attached SCSI (SAS) controllers of Adaptec and LSI Logic for easily expanding the storage capacity of the Open-E storage system with SAS devices; the flexibility of Open-E DSS and SAS enable the creation of dedicated storage application like NAS and SATA drives for file serving and iSCSI and SCSI drives for critical data applications in one device

  • Logical volumes up to 16TB, allowing the creation of large storage pools while simplifying storage management; with extra licenses the storage capacity of one Open-E DSS server can be extended to almost unlimited capacities

  • New graphical user interface (GUI) for better management of the storage device and the backup of processes for securing the valuable data

  • VMWare ESX Server 3.0 iSCSI initiator support; organizations using VMWare for virtualized servers can add IP based virtualized storage based on Open-E technology.

Also new is that Open-E DSS is pre-installed on an internal USB DOM (Disk-On-Module) instead on an IDE DOM. Krzysztof Franek notes that “The latest motherboards have only one IDE slot or even none. Therefore Open-E has decided to offer Open-E DSS on a USB DOM. Compared to CD installation or IDE flash, pre-installation on a USB flash simplifies installation, improves compatibility of hardware and booting time with up to 30%. Because of these advantages the Open-E NAS-XSR and Open-E iSCSI product family will be offered also on USB flash very soon.” To improve the updating process of the Open-E DSS, the USB DOM contains also a shadow copy of the Open-E OS. In case of an update failure, the storage system can be switched easily to the former version of the Open-E Data Storage Server. This technology is also known from updating the BIOS of some motherboards.

The retail price of Open-E’s Data Storage Server is 1,250 USD (excluding VAT) and available now through Open-E’s network of authorized distributors and resellers.

About Open-E GmbH

Open-E GmbH focuses on developing IP-storage software that allows system integrators to set up high-performance but easy-to-use network storage systems that require no special knowledge to install and are fully compatible with leading operating systems and iSCSI initiators. More information about Open-E and Open-E products is available at:

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