Serena Delivers Change-Governance Solution for Mainframe Application Lifecycle Management

Serena ChangeMan ZMF Version 5.6 helps control software changes across the enterprise

SAN MATEO, Calif., October 30, 2006 -- Serena Software, Inc. today unveiled Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF version 5.6, the company’s comprehensive and fully integrated solution for controlling software change across mainframe environments. Designed for IT organizations with mainframe development and maintenance activities, ChangeMan ZMF reduces costs and minimizes risks associated with software changes and enhances the quality of delivered applications. ChangeMan ZMF 5.6 provides superior ease of use, extended application lifecycle support, and broad team collaboration, enabling IT organizations to deliver more strategic value to the business.

With ChangeMan ZMF, Serena is advancing the mainframe industry’s migration toward modern user interfaces and programming paradigms. ChangeMan ZMF 5.6 enhances the ease of use and productivity of its tools by adding integrated support for IBM WebSphere Developer for z/Series (WD4Z). Now, developers using this integrated developer environment (IDE) will be able to take advantage of the power and flexibility of ChangeMan ZMF without ever leaving the WebSphere IDE. In addition, ease of use has been improved through enhancements in the ChangeMan ZMF Windows Explorer interface. Developers working on mainframe applications can do so from their Windows environment with the same capabilities as they have within ISPF (Interactive System Productivity Facility).

ChangeMan ZMF 5.6 exposes its API through Web services, making it the first mainframe tool to be enabled to the Eclipse Foundation’s Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) and it also exposes ALF-compliant events through the new log-based notification mechanism. This technology is used to alert Serena TeamTrack® of activities, such as create package and promotion events, and is used by the TeamTrack for ChangeMan ZMF solution version 6.6.1. The integration of ChangeMan ZMF with Serena TeamTrack brings the Web-based process modeling and enforcement of TeamTrack to the mainframe.

In addition to new cutting edge user interfaces, ChangeMan ZMF provides a number of important enhancements requested by customers to improve lifecycle support, manageability, traceability and auditability.


Serena ChangeMan ZMF 5.6 is available now worldwide direct from Serena and from authorized partners. Interested parties should contact Serena at 1-800-547-7827 or

Serena Change Governance Strategy

Focused on managing change for over 25 years, Serena offers a new approach to change -- Change Governance, which transcends the limitations of software change management to control change in a way that fits the scale and complexity of today’s business challenges, including increased regulatory demands, competitive pressures and globalization. All of Serena products and services are dedicated to enabling organizations to control change so they can reduce cost, improve quality, and eliminate risk. Other products in the Serena Change Governance solutions include Serena Mariner®, Serena TeamTrack®, Serena Dimensions™, Serena PVCS® Version Manager™, and Serena Composer™.

In addition, Serena is a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation and leads the Eclipse Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF) Project, dedicated to lowering the cost and complexity associated with the integration and interoperability of multiple vendor tools throughout the application lifecycle. Serena Change Governance offerings fully embrace ALF as its core multivendor interoperability platform.

About Serena Software, Inc.

Serena Software offers a new approach to change that enables businesses to efficiently, consistently, and successfully control change across the enterprise. For more information, please visit

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