Ektasis Launches “Click-to-Run” Software and Applications

Technology provides Web model for client software

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF., November 7, 2006 -- Ektasis, Inc today announced that version 1.0 its patent-pending, networked-client software framework is now available for general release at http://www.ektasis.com

The revolutionary technology is a cohesive, object-oriented, network-application framework that enables end users to get instantly-updated applications as clickable links from existing Web browsers and desktop clients. As a result, rich applications can now be easily accessed by anyone on the Internet.

Additionally, corporations can distribute their identity, products and services onto consumer desktops with persistent brand presence that then serves as a strategic channel for future delivery of value added services.

For application programmers, benefits occur in all areas of the software cycle, including development, deployment, updating, distribution, navigation, activation, sharing, and distributed infrastructure. As a result, programmers can now write networked applications without extra work.

“Click-To-Run” networked applications always run in the correct version. Users never need to install, update, or patch. Corporations and developers publish new services and updates on a regular basis. Applications will run in client-server, P2P, standalone, and off-line mode in a consistent manner.

The architecture is designed from the ground up with security benefits included. For example, applications can have code integrity, the ability to conduct live protocols between computers and polymorphic protocol capability. Security benefits are core to the framework since Ektasis was founded by three security veterans, including Dr. Taher Elgamal, former chief scientist at Netscape and the patent holder for the global eCommerce standard secure socket layer (SSL).

Dr. Elgamal, Ektasis chair said, “The Internet has come a long way over the past decade. The initial requirements we had optimized around a content delivery mechanism utilizing browsers with a page-by-page viewing paradigm. However, Internet consumers and businesses now require the benefits of application delivery and real software. Either offensively or defensively, we hope all Internet and software players will take notice of the advent of easy application proliferation through existing Internet and Web resources.”

Thousands of existing client applications built in Java, Python, and Ruby are immediate candidates. Sample showcase networked applications include popular open-source games, a spreadsheet productivity tool, and more. These samples are currently available at http://www.ektasis.com

In addition, Ektasis enables a new class of rich applications to emerge that seamlessly integrate the capabilities of desktop software and the Web.

Peter Hartigan, Ektasis president said, “Through the power of this novel software, one of our goals is to help revolutionize product offerings in existing Web markets like online ads, eCommerce, auctions, authentication, payment, and customer service. A key breakthrough for Ektasis’ patent-pending intellectual property is its ability to deliver software, while extending the life of existing Web investments and not altering end-users’ current experience.”

About Ektasis, Inc.

Ektasis, Inc has produced a patent-pending, networked application framework enabling a Web model for client software. Consumers access applications in a “clickable” link format from existing browsers and desktops. The technology supports existing programs, while also enabling a new class of rich applications. It has the capability to fundamentally alter the landscape of the Internet and software industries. More information is available at http://www.ektasis.com

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