EMA Releases Comprehensive Research on Advanced IT Analytics

Study represents first-ever impartial comparison of underlying analytics engines driving leading IT Management products

BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 29, 2006 --Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) today announced key findings from its recent in-depth and independent study of the advanced analytics functionality of leading IT management products. The 115-page research report "EMA's Analytics Roadmap” details the analytics capabilities of 44 solution providers spanning the IT management market, including service assurance, security, configuration and change management, and asset and storage management. EMA is offering this report for purchase, as well as free access to a number of other analytics resources at www.emausa.com

Like the engine of a car, analytics play a fundamental role in powering an IT management solution. Analytics, as covered in the research report, includes both real-time and historical analysis for a wide range of disciplines – from troubleshooting to capacity planning to financial modeling and supports – from basic correlation to application transaction analysis to data mining and OLAP.

"This is the first report of its kind in the IT management industry to provide a roadmap of analytic technology types as they map to specific IT management processes and goals,” said Dennis Drogseth, EMA vice president. "It's the first place to come to get a bird's eye view of what is really under the covers of some of the leading innovators in the IT management marketplace.”

The report had three goals:

  • To provide IT adopters with a thumbnail handbook of how to "look under the hood” at vendor offerings in order to consolidate and integrate best-of-class analytic systems in support of critical IT and business goals. It is designed to help IT planners, managers, and executives formulate intelligent and well-focused questions assessing vendor choices and options, rather than providing readymade generic answers. As such, it is intended as a first step in escalating the awareness of analytic options and choices across IT management markets.

  • To provide service providers and MSPs with similar insights and guidance in making IT management technology selections.

  • To help vendors from throughout the IT management marketplace understand how advanced analytics are reshaping the competitive landscape in their individual markets for IT management solutions, and to provide the first-ever roadmap for assessing options for investing in advanced analytics in a broad industry context.

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