Updated Opalis Integration Server Achieves "Fully Aware" Automated IT Operations

Out-of-the-box workflow processes, new integration packs, and enhanced dashboard allow for easy automation of key processes

Toronto, Canada, December 4, 2006 -- Opalis Software, Inc., a leading provider of run book automation (RBA) software that orchestrates, integrates, and automates IT operational processes, today announced availability of the latest version of Opalis Integration Server.

The new release, which ships later this month, includes support for more than 90 out-of-the-box workflow process templates, five new integration packs, and a significantly enhanced dashboard. In addition, the company unveiled five new automation solution areas. The new technology and solution areas empower IT operations staff to become "fully aware" of incident, problem, configuration, change, and release processes, leading to a reduction in operational costs, improved service delivery, and ensured compliance and ITIL best practices through repeatable automation methods.

"Businesses continue to scrutinize the effectiveness and accountability of their IT operations organizations," said David Williams of Gartner in the July 2006 report, "Run Book Automation: The Drivers and Inhibitors." "Run book automation promises to provide a new way to manage IT, providing a better, more efficient way to address business concerns."

Opalis' RBA software provides the orchestration, integration, and automation of operational processes across multiple data, departmental, and application silos. This is achieved through Opalis' extensive out-of-the-box process templates and integration for leading management vendors, and its script/code-free workflow that incorporates the people, process, and technologies involved in operational procedures.

Highlighted new elements of Opalis Integration Server 5.3 include:

  • Solutions-Based Policies to Address ITIL Processes in the Data Center: New ITIL-based, out-of-the-box process templates automate IT operational processes and provide visibility into incident, problem, configuration, change, and release processes. Opalis makes available over 90 pre-built process templates based on proven best practices, including usage scenarios for IT tasks such as auto-ticketing, scheduling change management, orchestrating configuration management, and coordinating releases. Most significant is the addition of 20 new policies to specifically address virtualization and security tasks.

  • New Integration Packs: Five new integration packs have been added to Opalis' existing 22 packs, representing the broadest range of integration available in the RBA space and enabling IT Operations to connect and interact with a variety of heterogeneous systems management tools that exist in today's data centers. The 5.3 release supports new packs for BMC Atrium, BMC Remedy, Microsoft SCOM, Microsoft Active Directory, and VMware VirtualCenter 2.

  • New Dashboard: New dashboard views give IT operations end-to-end visibility of IT process management, from administration to reporting. Capabilities include access to key metrics, such as success/failure status, duration, load distribution, and ROI on automated IT tasks. Activity and key statistics on IT tasks can be tracked from a single, unified view.

Opalis Delivers Process Template Solutions and Best Practices Aligned with ITIL Objectives New Opalis solutions enable organizations to align IT services with business objectives by automating IT Operations management through repeatable, reliable, and standardized best practices. Opalis combines a set of policies or workflows to provide targeted solutions for the following key areas of IT operations:

  • Incident Process Automation: Addresses unanticipated incidents immediately and improves response time, meets SLA's, and reduces support costs

  • Problem Process Automation: Automates maintenance and remediation routines to reduce operational costs and ensure service availability

  • Change Process Automation: Integrates systems and automates change requests and approval processes to improve service delivery

  • Configuration Process Automation: Integrates data center tools and automatically updates system information to reduce service interruption

  • Release Process Automation: Automates roll-out procedures and verification processes to improve availability and speed of delivery

"As IT organizations continue to adopt ITIL best practices across incident, problem, configuration, and change management, and automates tasks within these processes, customers have asked to have a single point of orchestration," said Todd DeLaughter, CEO and president of Opalis. "Opalis provides the widest coverage of both IT process automation policies and industry integrations, enabling greater levels of efficiency and the ability to be more in control and fully aware of IT process automation."

About Opalis Software, Inc.

Opalis Software, Inc. is a leading provider of run book automation software that orchestrates, integrates, and automates IT operational processes. With Opalis, IT organizations can reduce costs, improve service delivery, and ensure compliance through repeatable, reliable, and standardized best practices. For more information on Opalis, please visit http://www.opalis.com

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