UML-Based "Remodeling" Accelerates Application Modernization and Recovery of Embedded Business Processes

Relativity Technologies' "Application Remodeler" bridges the gap to modernized applications by extracting standards-based models of current business processes

Raleigh, NC, December 7, 2006 ­ How does a company constantly realign its operations to compete in today's global marketplace when its business processes are embedded in complex, rigid, and poorly documented enterprise applications? Relativity Technologies, Inc. is providing the first reliable and comprehensive solution to this challenge with the Application Remodeler(tm) module of its Modernization Workbench® platform.

Application Remodeler enables organizations to rapidly understand and leverage the value of their existing business processes. Its seamless integration with the Modernization Workbench, other industry-standard modeling technologies, and process recovery methodologies bridges the gap to more efficient, agile, and modernized applications.

"The right level of understanding of the current structure and behavior of business processes pays dividends by speeding the specification and implementation of modernized architectures. These modernized architectures yield significant business value through enhanced operational flexibility," said David Norton, research director with Gartner, Inc.

Highlights of the Application Remodeler module include:

  • Auto-detection: Allows analysts to understand how business processes are structured within existing enterprise applications through sophisticated auto-detection algorithms

  • Eclipse-based: Augments existing model discovery methodologies through analyst-centric technology based on the Eclipse environment. This allows users to efficiently refine UML®-compliant models that reflect the current business processes and highlight gaps with future requirements

  • Process Integration: Complements Relativity Technologies' Business Rule Manager(tm) module, enabling users to organize business logic into hierarchies based on the created process models; this provides a combined "top-down" and "bottom-up" approach to fully govern business processes

  • Industry Standards: Complies with Object Management Group(tm) (OMG(tm)) and other standards, ensuring compatibility between the platform and third-party software. Partners have successfully integrated their technologies with the platform to leverage harvested process models and business rules

"Relativity Technologies is a leader and a pioneer in the development of tools and standards for the modeling of existing applications, and a key participant in the international standardization efforts supporting those tools," said Dr. Richard Soley, chairman and CEO of the OMG, the leading industry standards consortium. "They are also taking a leading role in the extraction and redeployment of these OMG-compliant models. Approaches such as theirs help organizations to more efficiently move applications to modernized architectures while avoiding disruptions to operations."

About Relativity Technologies, Inc.

Relativity Technologies' software solutions drive down the cost and accelerate the understanding, management, modernization, and maintenance of enterprise applications. The Modernization Workbench® serves as a platform for organizations to address critical business challenges such as increased IT productivity, outsourcing management, risk reduction, regulatory compliance, and SOA enablement of business-critical applications. For more information, please visit


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