Blackbird Group Launches Industry's First Integrated Disaster Recovery Solution for Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory Services

DeTroubler 3 provides rapid online recovery and change control for critical identity management services

NEW YORK, December. 11, 2006 -- Blackbird Group today announced the release of DeTroubler 3, a rapid online backup and recovery solution for both Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory. DeTroubler minimizes the productivity and revenue losses that result from a corrupted or failed directory service by bringing it back online in a matter of minutes.

DeTroubler streamlines the backup and recovery process for directory services, saving organizations hours, even days in the recovery process. It eliminates the need for IT groups to perform time-consuming, manual tasks like recreating links between objects or re-entering encrypted information. DeTroubler offers granular recovery options, whereby specific users and their attributes can be quickly restored. As a result, recovery is a more transparent process with minimal impact to the end users.

As the industry's first integrated disaster recovery solution for both Novell and Microsoft's directory services, DeTroubler enables IT organizations to more easily and effectively manage their mixed directory environments.

DeTroubler's key features include:

  • Rapidly restores the entire directory tree

  • Restores individual objects, attributes, trustees, and permissions, including all links and references

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface

  • Restores encrypted information such as end user passwords

  • Automates directory backups to a choice of either open-source or commercial SQL Servers

About Blackbird Group, Inc.

The Blackbird Group develops directory-focused solutions that help organizations better manage, protect and leverage their directory services to ensure the integrity and continuous availability of the applications tied into the directory. Since it was founded in 2002, the company has delivered solutions to help businesses address their needs in the areas of disaster recovery and access management. For more information, visit

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