ZIP/390 SecurePartner Edition Reduces Barriers to Secure Exchange with Business Partners

No licensing expense for partners

TORRANCE, California, January 9th, 2007 -- Data 21, Inc. today announced the availability of SecurePartner Edition of ZIP/390 and ZIP/VSE for zSeries. SecurePartner Edition provides a platform for secure electronic exchange of files between a sponsor and its partners, with no licensing expense to the partners.

With the scope of data privacy mandates expanding to include the requirement that data remain secure at rest as well as during transmission, secure transmission alone (e.g., VPN, SFTP, etc.) is no longer enough in many cases. One way to ensure that information is secure both during and after transmission is to exchange strong encrypted files. Entities wishing to exchange strong encrypted files must agree upon and implement a file encryption format. ZIP AES and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) are two popular such formats; SecurePartner Edition supports both formats.

The free SecureClient and choice of encryption formats serve to eliminate two potential barriers to partner participation. Relatively simple implementation and advanced compression/encryption performance features address two other common concerns.

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ZIP/390 5.x and ZIP/VSE 5.x are available for download by licensed users and companies interested in a 30-day test drive at For licensing and pricing information please call (310) 792-1771 or email us at

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