EmpowerID 4.0 First Identity Management Solution to Directly Manage Multiple Directories from One Console

Suite allows controlled delegation of user and other LDAP directory object administration to all roles in your organization, including customers and partners

Dublin, O.H., Jan. 23, 2007 -- The EmpowerID 4.0 Suite is a unified multidirectory Web-based management console that allows seamless delegation and self-service of multiple directory technologies in a single view, including Active Directory, ADAM, Sun, Oracle, Novell, IBM, and other LDAP directories. The EmpowerID 4.0 Suite allows role-based delegation of administration to a diverse group of employees, customers, and partners, while maintaining security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

The EmpowerID 4.0 Suite allows controlled delegation of user and other LDAP directory object administration (groups, computers, printers, shares, etc.) to all roles in your organization, including customers and partners.

Directory Views technology enables delegation from a business perspective, freeing you from technological constraints found even in complex multidirectory environments. Search-like views are assigned to users so that they may only see the Directory Views to which they have been granted access. Common Directory View scenarios include assigning views to customers to allow management of extranet accounts, to directory administrators to allow full directory and application security management, to help desk personnel to allow password management for an entire organization, or to application owners allowing management of application security groups.

Within each Directory View, the delegated administrators are granted the ability to perform specific tasks like resetting passwords, creating new users, editing group membership, or even managing Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. Tasks appear to end-users as buttons on an Office 2007-styled toolbar. From a technical perspective, each task button launches a full-fledged Windows Workflow Foundation workflow.

The EmpowerID 4.0 Suite is the first and only Identity Management suite built on the Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, a key pillar of the Microsoft .Net 3.0 Platform. So, in addition to approvals, Workflows can be used to describe a sequential process like creating a new user based upon the selection of a user role or template. A modular purchase and deployment licensing model allows purchase of just the functionality you need now and the ability to activate additional features later.

The Dot Net Factories’ approach to The EmpowerID 4.0 Suite’s modular architecture represents a new paradigm in Identity Management products by permitting organizations to modify its defined processes and visually map and build their own Identity Management tasks. For customers with unique requirements that cannot be accommodated by off the shelf packages, EmpowerID Suite’s Windows Workflow architecture and flexible licensing model support a level of customization not possible with other products.

About The Dot Net Factory

The Dot Net Factory is an independent software vendor and Microsoft partner. The Dot Net Factory’s EmpowerID is a Web-based suite of products offering Workflow-Powered Identity Management. All EmpowerID Suite applications are available as SharePoint 2003/2007 Web parts and from within Microsoft Outlook Web Access. For more information, visit http://www.thedotnetfactory.com, phone: +1 (877) 996-4276, or send e-mail to info@thedotnetfactory.com

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