Tizor Announces Mantra Data Auditing and Protection Solution with Advanced Data Breach Detection Capabilities

New features enable data discovery, monitoring, and reporting on activity with specific types of sensitive and private data

Maynard, Mass., Jan. 29, 2007 -- Tizor Systems today announces Mantra V5 with enhanced capabilities for detecting data theft at the source. Mantra V5 is an auditing and protection solution with content scanning capabilities, allowing enterprises to discover, monitor, and report on the activity of specific types of data, such as credit card numbers and Social Security numbers in databases, file servers, and mainframe environments. The ability to monitor this type of data in real time is critical for enterprises with a mandate to ensure the privacy and security of sensitive data for governance initiatives and compliance with regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), CA 1386/SB1950, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.

Mantra is a new class of network-based data auditing and protection solutions that provides enterprises with a unified approach to auditing databases, file systems, and mainframe environments. Mantra, a high-performance solution that scales to accommodate the largest enterprise data center, utilizes patent-pending intelligent analytics to solve a broad range of data theft and data breach problems. With Mantra V5, Tizor has expanded the Mantra platform by integrating content scanning capabilities and adding several enterprise-focused features, such as database change control and expanded role support.

Mantra V5 features include:

  • Integrated content scanning for discovering, monitoring, and reporting on the activity of specific types of data, such as credit card numbers and SSNs

  • Change control functionality that allows enterprises to track all database changes and reconcile them with authorized change control tickets

  • Expanded role-support to enforce segregation of duties

  • Expanded support for Microsoft SQL Server including NTLM authentication and named pipes support

  • Enhanced network monitoring of DRDA mainframe DBMS environments

Content scanning considerably expands the data auditing capabilities of Mantra. Traditional data auditing requires enterprises to know the location of sensitive data so that the auditing solution can watch activity to specified databases or tables. However, many organizations do not know where all their sensitive data is located. With content scanning, Mantra can not only monitor activity to specific databases and file shares, but can also identify where specific sensitive and private data is located, and then monitor, audit and report on how it is being used.

Using Mantra V5, customers can create “content-aware” data discovery policies that scan database and fileserver transactions for all critical data activity, including specific data patterns that represent sensitive and private data such as credit card numbers, to determine who is accessing the data and what they are doing with it.This content scanning feature is integrated with Tizor’s advanced analytics to detect suspicious user behavior at the source, as it occurs.

Mantra V5 includes enterprise change control functionality that allows enterprises to track database changes, reconcile them with authorized change control tickets, and send alerts when unauthorized and potentially malicious database changes are detected. Mantra change control enables more effective enforcement of policies that determine how and when changes to production databases are made.

Mantra provides a range of unique customer benefits including:

  • High-performance appliance: Reduces the number of data auditing platforms companies need to deploy

  • Transparent solution: Does not require agents for network or local data access auditing

  • No performance impact on production data systems

  • A single auditing solution monitors all critical data -- structured and unstructured

  • More comprehensive intelligence: Patent-pending technology solves a broader range of data theft and data breach problems

Mantra V5 will be available in Q1 of 2007.

About Tizor

Tizor provides enterprise data auditing and protection solutions capable of monitoring and reporting on all critical data activity across the enterprise data center -- databases, file servers, and mainframe applications -- for compliance assurance, data protection, and theft detection. Tizor’s Mantra solutions enable the highest level of compliance assurance, data security, and privacy by providing a complete life-cycle of intelligent data auditing capabilities including data discovery, audit reporting, theft detection, real-time alerting, and data protection. More information on Tizor can be found at http://www.tizor.com.

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