Centrino, 802.11n, Vista Support Added to WildPackets' OmniAnalysis Platform

New wireless and reporting capabilities for network troubleshooting software

Walnut Creek, Calif., Jan. 30, 2007 -- WildPackets Inc. today announced OmniAnalysis Platform v4.1, an update to WildPackets' software platform for network troubleshooting and application analysis. The release adds support for Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system as well as support for Intel(r) Centrino 3945 chips for monitoring and analyzing 802.11a/b/g traffic. OmniAnalysis v4.1 also offers network engineers and wireless product developers the ability to analyze management frames for 802.11n networks. WildPackets is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

OmniAnalysis v4.1 also introduces the OmniReport Service, a database-driven reporting service that offers graphical views of important network statistics, such as top talkers, user IP protocols, and node utilization. The service includes its own Web server and works with a MySQL database and collects statistics from an OmniEngine, which captures and analyzes packets 24/7.

WildPackets OmniAnalysis Platform

WildPackets' OmniAnalysis Platform is a distributed network analysis platform for troubleshooting and optimizing enterprise networks and applications. The OmniAnalysis Platform uses advanced analytical techniques, including application performance indexing based on the industry standard Apdex metric, to troubleshoot problems with applications and networks -- even problems that occurred hours or days ago. The OmniAnalysis Platform comprises OmniPeek network analyzers and consoles, as well as distributed OmniEngines, which analyze data at remote locations on the network. With its open APIs and a growing family of plug-ins, the OmniAnalysis Platform is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of network engineers responsible for wired and wireless networks, as well as new applications such as VoIP and VoWiFi.

About WildPackets Inc.

WildPackets develops solutions to maintain the health and integrity of critical data-in-motion. From the desktop to the datacenter, wired to wireless, distributed and local, WildPackets products enable IT organizations to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure their network systems. For further information, please visit http://www.wildpackets.com.

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