Tripwire Introduces Configuration Audit and Control with Tripwire Enterprise 6.0

Advanced capabilities control unauthorized change to increase IT operational efficiency and reduce risk

Portland, OR, February 5, 2007 -- Tripwire® today announced the newest version of its flagship products, Tripwire Enterprise. Tripwire Enterprise 6.0 features a variety of advanced reconciliation capabilities, giving IT greater control over unauthorized configuration changes, increasing operational efficiency, and mitigating risk.

Unauthorized change is the leading factor of downtime, audit findings, security issues, and a variety of IT inefficiencies. EMA, Gartner, Forrester, and IDC agree that the majority of system outages are due to change. Unauthorized change prevents IT departments from maintaining the accurate, trusted system state needed to support the business. In fact, Gartner believes that through 2008, 75 percent of all CMDB implementations are at risk of failure due to poor data accuracy and processes (see footnote below). Tripwire Enterprise maintains CMDB accuracy by providing detailed change history and by ensuring that changes conform to policy.

"By bridging traditional enterprise silos and offering a wide variety of reconciliation techniques, Tripwire discovers and remediates the unauthorized changes, configuration errors, and policy violations that lead to outages, non-compliance, configuration drift, and unplanned work,” said Andi Mann, senior analyst with Enterprise Management Associates.

Version 6.0 detects all configuration change across the IT infrastructure and automatically identifies unauthorized change, policy exceptions, and security violations. Tripwire Enterprise 6.0 gives customers confidence that all unauthorized configuration changes will be quickly discovered, investigated and minimized, or eliminated as process maturity improves.

To ensure system integrity, Tripwire provides visibility to all change in the enterprise. It is the only solution to provide a single source for detecting all change across servers, network devices, databases, and directory services. By giving customers real-time visibility, Tripwire enables operational efficiency through reduced outages, faster recovery times and less unplanned work. Specifically, Tripwire Enterprise 6.0 expands this further to now monitor changes across Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005; HP-UX on Itanium; and Active Directory Group Policy Object and Resultant Set of Policy.

New Capabilities Deliver Visibility, Accountability, Control Configuration audit and control requires more than change detection; it requires advanced analysis. Tripwire Enterprise 6.0 now includes automated techniques to filter and classify changes, with a broad range of acceptance criteria. This enables IT to treat a change differently based on the type of system, type of change, and its risk or severity level. For example, emergency changes to infrastructure supporting SOX-related services may be classified high-risk and therefore warrant more stringent acceptance criteria. For many, Tripwire is the first step to process maturity, benefiting IT with the first step to controlling the unauthorized change that causes unplanned work, audit findings, SLA penalties and failed CMDB implementations.

Tripwire Enterprise now can also analyze changes to determine whether they conform to established systems and policies, answering whether or not a change is made by an authorized user, within an approved change window, or a range of other parameters, instilling discipline and control. Last, users can tailor Tripwire scans based on risk level. For example, if an asset requires continuous scanning and real-time alerting to changes, Tripwire can be set to do so. Tripwire helps IT actively manage risk by allowing users to choose from a variety of detection methods, with Tripwire discovering changes at a rate that matches business requirements.

Tripwire Enterprise 6.0 also now provides even more actionable reports and online dashboards that allow IT executives to analyze change status, history and impact across the enterprise. For example, Tripwire can create a real-time report with the number of policy violations that took place within a given time frame and show the progress and amount of time involved to address each.

A free trial of Tripwire Enterprise is available for evaluation here and can be downloaded directly at

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