Exeros Releases Version 3.0 of Automated Discovery Software

The latest version of DataMapper promises greater efficiency and more comprehensive findings

Exeros Inc. has announced the release of version 3.0 of DataMapper, the company's automated data relationship recovery software. For businesses concerned with compliance and data governance initiatives, the latest version of DataMapper promises to deliver incisive information about a company's data – such as data lineage and data inconsistencies – more accurately and efficiently than manual methods.

According to the company, early users of DataMapper 3.0 "are discovering and mapping business-critical information automatically," and have reported discovery speeds at least five times faster than other, non-automated methods.

"DataMapper 3.0 makes the discovery and organization of data reliable, repeatable, auditable, and economically feasible," Exeros CEO Piyush Gupta. "It allows customers to discover, secure and manage more data far more quickly than data analysts can manage without this tool."

Version 3.0 of DataMapper features the DataMapper Mapping Studio, a more intuitive user interface that gives users at-a-glance views of business rules, sensitive data and data inconsistencies. New algorithms that target more data transformation types and a more streamlined workflow process help make discovery faster. This latest version of DataMapper also now supports IBM DB2 and Oracle databases.

Call (408) 919-0191 or go to http://www.exeros.com for more information.

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