Conceptual Modeling Tool Diagrams Data-to-Process Relationships

EA/Studio helps businesses create, share, and analyze business process models

Embarcadero Technologies Inc. has announced the upcoming worldwide availability of the EA/Studio Business Modeler Edition, a conceptual modeling tool that helps businesses diagram the relationships between data models and businesses processes.

Scheduled for general availability on March 15, 2007, EA/Studio will allow businesses to "turn their raw data into true information assets," according to Greg Keller, vice president of product management at Embarcadero Technologies. EA/Studio analyzes the impact of database applications on business processes. Consequently, administrators can determine the potential effect of changes to particular data or processes before implementing them. They'll also able to determine what processes create, read, update, and delete data.

EA/Studio also has conceptual model-sharing capabilities with Embarcadero's flagship ER/Studio to create "an integrated flow from business idea to SQL code generation, XML schemas and a variety of other outputs," according to the company.

It also has the ability to import business process models created in Microsoft Visio.

EA/Studio uses the standard Business Process Modeling Notation, and is built on the Eclipse Foundation's Rich Client Platform technology, making it compatible with other Eclipse plug-ins.

Pricing for EA/Studio will begin at $495 per seat. For more information, go to

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