Nexsan Introduces Archiving Solution for Small Enterprises

Assureon NX offers affordable, long-term data storage with self-healing and disaster recovery capabilities

Nexsan Technologies has released the Assureon NX Easy Archive Appliance, a disk-based information storage solution made specifically for smaller enterprises, branch offices, and departments.

Proposed as an alternative to tape and offline archiving, the Assureon NX is a plug-and-play archiving product that uses content-addressable storage, automated integrity checks and self-healing features to ensure long-term data integrity, making it "ideal for interfacing with e-mail archiving, medical imaging and records management, document management, e-discovery," and backup and recovery regimens, according to Nexsan.

"With the Assureon NX, Nexsan has responded to the needs of customers and reseller partners who want a secure, affordable, disk-based archive platform to integrate with third-party applications," said Nexsan CEO Philip Black.

Though the company says the Assureon NX does not have the content search functionality of its sister product, the Assureon SA Searchable Archive Appliance, it does have a higher usable storage capacity. It is also capable of file-level de-duplication and features built-in lifecycle management functions, file authentication and remote replication for disaster recovery.

The Assureon NX Archive Appliance is available in stand-alone or replicated versions, and supports both CFIS and NFS. Pricing starts at $53,000. For more information, visit

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