TDWI Radio News: Big Blue Touts Dynamic, Balanced Warehousing

An appliance, by any other name, is probably an appliance -- even for IBM.

Hosted by Eric Kavanagh

A data warehouse appliance that’s both dynamic and balanced sure sounds good, but what exactly do those terms mean? Talk to Big Blue, and they’ll tell you the Balanced Warehouse is the hub of their dynamic warehousing strategy. But is the Balanced Warehouse an appliance, per se?

Tune into this TDWI Radio News interview to hear Karen Parrish, vice president of business intelligence solutions for IBM, as she explains Big Blue’s take on the evolving industry of data warehouse appliances. You’ll learn:

  • the four tenets of IBM’s dynamic warehousing strategy
  • whether the Balanced Warehouse is a “traditional” appliance
  • what Big Blue’s go-to-market strategy is for dynamic warehousing
  • how relatively non-technical users play into the IBM strategy

Sound Bytes:

“The world is an ever-changing set of transactions.”

“No one in IT would take a risk on an appliance that wasn’t a proven technology if their job depended on it.”

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