Bio-NetGuard WiFi Security Solution Shifts Verification using Biometrics

Biometric fingerprint solution eliminates passwords, secures WiFi LANs by verifying users, not equipment

Shimon Systems Inc.’s says its Bio-NetGuard™ WiFi Security Solution shifts security for enterprise WiFi networks by using biometric fingerprint verification technology to authenticate the user rather than hardware.

“One of the fundamental weaknesses of most wireless networks at small-to-medium businesses and home offices is that any equipment within range can gain access to company WiFi resources,” said Dr. Baldev Krishan, president and CEO of Shimon Systems, in a statement. “Small, medium, and large companies can now prevent unauthorized use of their WiFi networks resources, save bandwidth, and filter out rogue access points.”

Bio-NetGuard uses USB and PCMCIA card sensors and fingerprint readers built into laptop computers. Fingerprint matching is done with virtually no performance penalty, the company claims, which also says that Bio-NetGuard prevents client association with WiFi access points that are not WPA/WPA 2.0 configured or authorized by the administrator.

The Bio-NetGuard unit, which is plug and play compatible, connects to a WiFi access point or a LAN router and can protect most 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g wireless networks, as well as the next-generation technology, 802.11i.

Each Bio-NetGuard unit can secure multiple WiFi access points connected to the same router, so an authenticated user can road between access points (including those of different vendors) without the need to authenticate again. IT can manage Bio-NetGuard from a single administrative interface.

The Bio-NetGuard device comes in a fingerprint-only version and a two-factor version (for fingerprint and password authentication), and either version will support five to over 250 users.

Bio-NetGuard requires the Windows (2000/XP/Vista) home or professional versions.

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