Caspio Releases Programming-Free Web Application Creator: Bridge 5.0

On-demand database platform helps users create Web applications without programming

Caspio, Inc. today released version 5.0 of its Caspio Bridge Online service. This latest, major release of Caspio Bridge delivers significant features to expand the capabilities of customers' Web applications.

Caspio Bridge uses a "no-programming" technique for quickly creating and deploying database-driven Web applications, forms, and reports.

"This release sets a new standard for on-demand applications than previously possible," company founder and CEO Frank Zamani said in a statement. "Among other remarkable features, we have introduced the concept of Relational DataPages -- a straightforward way for Web applications to work with each other, including internal and third-party solutions. Clearly, when Web applications can interact and work together seamlessly, it's tremendously efficient and empowering for both the application creator and the end user."

Other new features in this release include:

  • Relational DataPages: A set of features for managing information and relationships between Caspio Bridge applications and other Web applications; secure "push-and-pull" data routing offers parameter passing, dynamic field handling, virtual fields

  • Richer Application Interfaces: More flexible options to customize the layout and design of application interfaces

  • Internationalization: Wizards can adapt applications to any region and country; changes include data formatting and language localization

Caspio Bridge 5.0 is available now. Standard Caspio Bridge packages start at $39.95 per month. A free 14-day free trial is available online:

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