RecordTS Security Camera Software Tracks User Actions, File and Print Activity

RecordTS lets Citrix/ICA users record all user activity, including file transfers

Citrix/ICA users can now record all user activity on their servers thanks to RecordTS, the first Terminal Services and Remote Desktop (RDP/ICA) protocol recording product for Windows and Citrix platforms from CNS Software.

RecordTS “security camera” software offers security, compliancy, troubleshooting, and corporate surveillance using a single monitoring program. It records all actions performed by logged-on users on an organization’s Remote Desktop or Terminal Services computer. The new version of RecordTS captures more than just screen activity; it also captures transferred files, print jobs, and keystrokes.

“Before this new feature, Citrix session shadowing only allowed administrators to see what users were doing and help them troubleshoot while online and shadowing in real time,” said product developer and TSFactory president Claudio Rodrigues, in a statement. “We’ve taken shadowing to the next level by recording all sessions around the clock, allowing administrators to review problems any time, without the need to actually shadow the user. Plus, there’s the benefit of saving the RecordTS video files for auditing and security purposes.”

RecordTS helps secure a Windows network by recording all RDP traffic. The program audits connections and what those users do, including tracking specific users at specified times. RecordTS can also monitor access to sensitive information and records such activity to digitally-signed compact files for secure playback.

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