Latest Version of Ipedo XIP Features New Caching Features

The product now supports MySQL external caching, and features distributed cache views

Ipedo announced on Wednesday the release of Ipedo XIP version 4.2, which features three new caching features, according to a company press release: "the use of MySQL as an external cache, automated XML to relational cache duplication, and distributed use of cache views."

Previous versions of Ipedo already support SQL Server, Sybase, and Oracle. The MySQL option extends the reach of that support and gives users the option of using an external cache.

The new automated XML to relational cache duplication capability allows users to change XML results into "relational form and cache them as a materialized relational view," the company said. The original XML result gets cached, while the transformed version becomes accessible to SQL applications.

Finally, the distributed cache views feature lets administrators use the cached views on any one server as "building blocks" to make new views in other servers.

With these new features, the company said that the Ipedo XIP's cache manager can ensure the best possible balance between data availability and query result freshness.

"We are giving IT even more options to strike the right balance between speed of delivery and control over access, and automating the process to save them time and money," said Ipedo CEO Nick Zhang in the release.

Version 4.2 of Ipedo XIP is available for Windows 2000/NT, SuSE Linux, Red Hat Linux, and Sun Solaris. Ipedo XIP demos are available online at For more information, go to

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