Serena Mariner Now an Integrated PPM/ALM Solution

Latest version promises greater visibility to maximize project efficiency

Serena Software Inc. on Monday released version 6.2 of the Serena Mariner, which integrates with both Serena TeamTrack and Serena Dimensions to create a single PPM/ALM offering -- an industry first, according to the company.

"Up to now, IT managers have been forced to make critical decisions with insufficient data," said Jeremy Burton, Serena's president and CEO, in a released statement. "With Serena's integrated PPM/ALM solution, CIOs have the same level of visibility that line of business managers have for their operations. They can drill down on current project metrics and communicate IT's value back to the business."

Serena Mariner version 6.2 promises to create visibility across the enterprise to streamline projects. Administrators can make focus their energies and resources on high-priority projects, as well as have a better grasp of how best to manage their timelines and budgets.

Data quality also benefits from the Serena Mariner 6.2's PPM/ALM solution, the company said, because it ensures that business development and application development remain in-sync.

"The result," he company said in the statement, "is better decision-making, less rework, faster time-to-market, and final results that deliver expected project value."

Serena Mariner's capabilities can be adjusted to fit the IT process maturity of any company; capabilities can be activated as the company matures. Companies can receive free maturity assessment services from Serena. For more information, go to

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