Updated Intellitactics Security Manager Simplifies Security Information and Event Management

Release focuses on faster ROI, simplified use

According to the chief marketing officer at Intellitactics, Pamela Casale, the company’s clients that realize impressive returns on their compliance investments are those that have a vision that includes real-time event management and alerting. “They’ve extracted more value from their investments in IDS, IPS, and other types of security products and strengthened security across the board.”

The downside is that “preoccupation with logs, reports from them, and searches of them don’t put companies in control of risk.”

The company’s updated Intellitactics Security Manager (now at version 5.6), includes

  • More Reports: New graphical reports help users drill down for the information they need. “From an anti-virus event, the user clicks to anti-virus activity reports that combine detail on top virus types, actions taken, update errors, and more in less time than it takes to search the logs. This type of automation expedites event management, even when event monitoring isn’t a full-time job.” New investigative reports show events by malware, activities by individual accounts, and host activity as source or target.

  • Enhanced Dynamic Lists: The product lets you manage lists of malicious users, suspicious Web sites, or known attackers.

  • Simplified Asset Configuration: Security Manager defines individual and group assets using attributes that describe the most important facts in an alert, such as network of origin, system criticality, business function, and contact information.

  • Enhanced Log Management: Bridging the gap between simple logging and real-time event management, Security Manager’s Event View now includes the raw event message as well as the fully parsed, normalized event to enable faster log searching and viewing.

More information is available at http://www.intellitactics.com.

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