ArcMail Releases Powerful E-mail Archive, Management Appliance

Appliance offers comprehensive e-mail archiving with up to 12 TB of storage on board

ArcMail Technology today released ArcMail U3120, a standalone, rack-ready network appliance for archiving and managing e-mail messages. The U3120 contains on-board storage for medium-sized organizations with 2,000 to 5,000 users. The appliance keeps all messages available to users while an organization meets compliance and legal requirements.

The ArcMail U3120 appliance "runs seamlessly in the background of a network infrastructure without interrupting productivity or work flow," according to a company release. The product's Web-based interface lets administrators and end users search and retrieve information either onsite or remotely, and can be launched from within Outlook to search and restore e-mails. (The drive also offers import and export features.) The administrator's dashboard monitors system settings and creates status reports.

ArcMail U3120 is available in 7 models, with a maximum storage capacity of 12 TB. The unit uses data integrity encryption technology to protect data from changes.

"E-mail is the modern day version of the filing cabinet, capturing everything from simple e-mail exchanges to legal documents and marketing presentations," said Ray Bingham, chief executive officer of ArcMail Technology. "The ArcMail U3120 removes the complexity and uncertainty of e-mail archiving and management by providing everything an organization needs to meet their requirements."

The ArcMail U3120 captures all inbound, outbound, and internal e-mail using the journaling function of an organization’s installed mail servers. The appliance indexes the e-mail header and text information, including attachments (it will even uncompress ZIP files to index their contents). Because this processing is handled on the U3120, mail servers are not burdened with extra work, Bingham told Enterprise Systems.

The Linux-based appliance is compatible with MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, Mdaemon, and other servers that support SMTP journaling. It is also compatible with Active Directory for automatic user account management.

On-board drives are hot swappable and the appliance supports RAID fault tolerance.

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