Acunetix Releases Web Vulnerability Scanner 5

WVS helps companies ensure their Web sites meet online security standards

Acunetix has released version 5 of the Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS), which checks and reports on the security of companies' Web applications and sites.

According to the company, the WVS is especially helpful for companies that want to ensure compliance with PCI Compliance Standard, which issues fines of up to $500,000 to companies whose Web applications are not deemed secure.

"Acunetix WVS [version 5] will check your Web site and alert you to any issues you need to fix," said Acunetix CEO Nick Galea in a company press release. "Once fixed, it will create a detailed report which will allow you to easily prove that you meet these particular PCI standards."

The WVS checks Web sites for cross-site scripting and SQL injection, as well as tests the password security on authentication pages. Using the Web Services Scanner tool, the WVS scans Web services for any these and other vulnerabilities, then creates security reports identifying where the vulnerabilities lie.

The Subdomain Scanner scans top-level domains to pinpoint subdomains, which can then be analyzed for vulnerabilities.

The Acunetix Reporter, a separate tool, centralizes the WVS' reporting capabilities. With a single click, users can generate different types of reports: comparison, statistical, and compliance reports (for Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and more).

The WVS is available in three versions: small business (for one Web site), enterprise (for unlimited Web sites), and consultant (for unlimited third-party Web sites). Licensing starts at $1,995 for the small business version and $5,995 for the enterprise version. Visit for more information.

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