CA Spectrum’s “Change Awareness” Takes Human Error into Account in Root-Cause Analysis

Network fault management software integrates configuration intelligence into its root-cause analysis

CA today announced CA SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager r8.1. The update to the network fault management solution integrates network configuration “change awareness” with sophisticated root-cause analysis capabilities, the company says, so IT can discover both human errors and classic technical problems in a streamlined process and thus reduce the time needed to fix problems.

Network failures are often caused by human error. CA SPECTRUM r8.integrates configuration intelligence into its root-cause analysis. “A substantial percentage of network problems -- especially many of the most egregious ones -- turn out to be self-inflicted,” said Rich Ptak, partner and co-founder, Ptak Noel and Associates, in a statement issued by CA. “By enabling IT organizations to rapidly pinpoint these errors, the newest release of CA SPECTRUM provides a valuable tool to preserve network service levels for the business.”

The new release integrates with CA’s application management software, Wily Introscope, so network managers can correlate “complex application performance problems with the underlying network infrastructure on which these applications depend.” The release also integrates with CA eHealth for Voice and expands its integration with Unicenter Network and Systems Management, CA’s service availability and systems management software.

CA SPECTRUM helps IT ensure critical network services are available by providing automated fault management across heterogeneous networks. This version can automatically discover and integrate into its network topology map more than 800 network device types. By combining discovery, root-cause analysis, and impact analysis, CA SPECTRUM highlights network problems and identifies individual ports or circuits; can prioritize technical issues, and automatically recommend remediation steps. Its reporting feature provides visual, actionable information on IT assets, network availability, performance metrics, and conditions that trigger events and alarms.

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