Version 7.5 of Maxager Profit Analysis Tool Ships

The latest version includes a "profit waterfall chart" feature that pinpoints profitability components

Maxager Technology announced that it is beginning to ship Maxager version 7.5, a profitability analysis product that creates dashboard reports based on a profit-over-time approach.

According to a company press release, Maxager's brand of analysis generally goes beyond the traditional "margin-only" analysis; instead, it incorporates what-if modeling, variance analysis, and historical analysis.

Version 7.5 of Maxager features a "profit waterfall chart," which lets users pinpoint the "key drivers of profitability" more easily, the press release said. This chart, based on "profit-by-minute" measurements, gives users a "visual representation of revenue minus all elements impacting profit, such as discounts and rebates."

"With Maxager 7.5, manufacturing executives finally have a comprehensive view into the prices sources of profitability for their business," said Maxager CEO and Founder Michael Rothschild in a statement. "Senior management can now easily identify areas for improvement in corporate performance and take action that will ensure profitability is truly optimized."

New features for version 7.5 include customizable reports, as well as more incisive performance reports that, for instance, can clearly identify the customers and products that generate the most and least profit. Users can also compare their profit goals against the performances of different regions, markets, and customer and product groups.

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