ScienceLogic Updates Business IT Management and Administrator Dashboard Meta-appliance

Provides dashboards for advanced troubleshooting, reporting, communications

ScienceLogic released the the newest version of its EM7 meta-appliance: Version 5.0. Version 5.0 provides flexible dashboard capabilities for both high-level and granular reporting.

The dashboard can provide customized views to individual users of data collected by the EM7 appliance. Systems and network component performance, availability, and configuration can be displayed along with alerts and active trouble tickets. When combined with the EM7 Database Dynamic Application feature, dashboards can display data from Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL databases.

“The customizable dashboards are designed to greatly enhance the user experience, whether that user is a CIO or a network administrator,” said David Link, CEO and founder of ScienceLogic, in a statement. “The ability for users up and down the management line to immediately see information relevant to their job function ensures that the right information is reaching the right people at the right time. The new EM7 dashboards break down artificial barriers between IT and the rest of the business by giving everyone who needs it instant visibility into just how IT operations supports business operations. At a glance, management can see exactly how IT is aligned with the business.”

Dashboards can address the needs of many business and IT stakeholders. For example:

• Network engineers, DBAs, system administrators, and e-mail administrators and display personalized “NOC”-type views of relevant network components and servers

• Technology executives can examine statistics on business IT performance, such as key application availability, critical failures, and service desk activity

• Technology managers can see IT department performance statistics, such as key application availability, system-wide CPU and memory usage, or the top trouble tickets

• Business executives and managers have real-time insight into the availability and status of IT infrastructure components; they can create customizable business intelligence dashboards and incorporate data mining functionality from EM7 Database Dynamic Applications

More information is available by calling 1-800-SCI-LOGIC (1-800-724-5644) or by visiting

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