NetPro Ships LogADmin 2.0 with Enterprise Server

Includes new index, search and reporting capabilities for Active Directory logs; SOA Server Foundation extends log management across multiple platforms and applications

p>NetPro Computing, Inc. today released LogADmin 2.0, an event log consolidation, analysis, and storage solution for Windows. The update introduces new indexing, searching, and reporting capabilities and leverages Enterprise Server, the company’s service oriented architecture (SOA) log-management and analysis platform.

NetPro’s LogADmin provides a secure, long-term archiving environment for Windows event-log consolidation, providing a cost-effective solution to meet compliance requirements. It allows administrators to find and analyze key event data and surpasses traditional native event log tools by providing instant access to indexed event details (such as server name and number of events in a log) quickly, and in a clear and concise manner. LogADmin also enables users to sort, filter, view, and compare specific events based on key criteria; the product’s reporting engine can turn raw event-log data into management and compliance reports.

“Pinpointing a single specific event amid months of data and thousands of lines of code is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack,” said Brad Hibbert. “LogADmin not only enables event log consolidation and storage, it puts simple-as-Google search capability at the users’ fingertips and eliminates all the painful manual dredging.”

LogADmin 2.0 features include:

  • Event Log Indexing and Searching: Intelligently indexes Windows event logs so users can quickly search, sort, and filter input to provide immediate analysis and anomaly detection

  • Consolidated Event Log Views: Merges all Windows event logs from multiple servers into a single location

  • Advanced Windows Event Log Reporting: Enables granular, customized event indexing, distribution, and scheduling by integrating with SQL Reporting Services

  • Application Performance Statistics: Graphically shows application performance and hardware requirements

  • Archived Naming: Users can name multiple archives to line up with business needs and/or functional roles

  • Log Integrity: Maintains the original log format and provides high-security compression and encryption prior to archival.

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