Confio Releases Database Performance Management Tool

New multiplatform Ignite helps DBAs manage, monitor Sybase databases and dependent applications

Confio Software today released Confio Ignite for Sybase that provides increased visibility into the cause of performance problems in a Sybase environment. Part of the Confio Software’s comprehensive Igniter Suite, the suite now covers about 90 percent of the RDBMS marketing, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Sybase databases.

Confio Ignite for Sybase improves monitoring, analysis, and optimization of Sybase databases and applications. The product is tailored for Sybase installations and allows database administrators (DBAs) to quickly highlight important database problems and their root cause, and aid in problem resolution.

“Ignite for Sybase introduces best practice wait-time methods into the Sybase environment, allowing DBAs to eliminate costly delays at the database layer that can impede critical application performance,” stated Don Bergal, chief operating officer, Confio Software, in a company statement. “Sybase has a rich history of being a high-performance database, especially for demanding industries such as financial services and insurance. Confio Ignite for Sybase ensures that companies are always operating at peak performance and achieving expected service levels.”

Product highlights include:

  • Common repository for capturing data from Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 databases

  • Single desktop client for DBAs, developers, and managers to monitor databases

  • Monitors any application that uses Sybase databases, including .NET, Java, and client/server applications

Confio says Ignite uses a “patented agent-less architecture that identifies the exact command and database process causing delays without draining performance.” It measures end-user wait-time granularly and identifies for DBAs the exact modules and screens that affect database performance; it will also suggest how to resolve the problem.

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