SaaS-Based System Management Solution Monitors Applications, Windows Vista Performance

PremiTech’s transaction-monitoring service tracks actual transactions of all users, systems

PremiTech released Performance Guard version 5.1 which includes granular Web and client/server application transaction monitoring. Its software-as-a-service offering adds support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP 64-bit editions.

Performance information allows IT respond proactively before problems occur and quickly find the problem’s root cause when it does occur.

PremiTech says Performance Guard delivers real-time data on IT system performance at end points (devices such as PCs connected to the network) and provides proactive assessments of operating systems such as Vista. The new release monitors Web or client/server application transactions (or groups of transactions) as they are initiated by users at all times. IT staff can see how all systems -- not a selected few -- perform. The latest release improves setup and monitoring of Citrix user login transactions as well as the grouping of users and servers.

According to Kim Wiencken, chairman of PremiTech, "We offer [application monitoring] under our new SaaS model that begins with a flat, fixed fee for the first month. This is a testament to both the speed and ease with which we can implement this solution at a new customer."

The new release includes support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP 64-bit edition using SaaS. Analysis of its results can help IT avoid unnecessary investments in new hardware and software. In cases where customers would like to keep a close eye on the performance of migrated resources, the service is simply extended monthly as long as the customer deems it beneficial.

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