Fortinet Increases Performance, Flexibility for Enterprise Branch Offices with New Security Appliance Pair

FortiGate and FortiWifi feature enhanced connectivity options

Fortinet today released the FortiGate-60B and the FortiWifi-60B, high-performance, multi-threat security appliances that protect enterprise branch offices. The appliances deliver enterprise-class protection for wired and wireless networked environments.

As targets of cyber attacks, enterprise branch offices often lack the same security defenses that protect head offices against vulnerabilities, particularly those aimed at Web-based applications and VoIP technology. Adoption of third-generation (3G) wireless networks in branch offices increased security risks.

These appliances incorporate a purpose-built FortiASIC specifically designed for high-performance, multi-function security. Besides improving flexibility and performance, both appliances incorporate a front-accessible PC card slot that supports 3G wireless PC cards from several mobile carriers.

The FortiGate-60B and FortiWifi-60B also include dual WAN interfaces, an integrated analog modem, six internal interfaces, and one DMZ interface (which allows network administrators to segment a trusted area for internal users and an untrusted area for public users).

The FortiWifi-60B and FortiGate-60B have the save features; the Wifi version addresses the secure wireless connectivity requirements and has built-in 802.11 a/b/g wireless support.

The products each deliver real-time network protection by integrating essential security applications and services, including firewall, antivirus, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion prevention, anti-spam, Web content filtering, and traffic shaping protection. Features can be deployed individually or collectively. Both are automatically updated by Fortinet's FortiGuard subscription services.

The units are available now. More information is available at

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