THINKstrategies Debuts SaaS Product Evaluation Tool

The Readiness Assessment Services uses scorecard to rate product strengths and weaknesses

Consulting firm THINKstrategies Inc. today debuted its Readiness Assessment Services package, a product designed to evaluate software-as-a-service (SaaS) and managed service providers based on the design and deliverability of their product.

According to THINKstrategies, many companies that decide to jump on the SaaS and managed services bandwagon underestimate the market's financial, organizational, and operational requirements. As a result, they run the risk of delivering incomplete, badly designed products that can turn customers away.

"Many aspiring SaaS and managed service providers are unaware of the complexities and challenges associated with these service models," said THINKstrategies managing director Jeffrey Kaplan in a press release. "We believe these companies would benefit from an independent assessment of their go-to-market strategies and service delivery capabilities to ensure they are properly positioned to successfully compete in the SaaS and managed-services markets."

To help SaaS companies and managed service providers ensure the quality of their products, the Readiness Assessment Services package features a "scorecard" that evaluates products based on several categories, such as features and capabilities, packaging, pricing, marketing, customer support availability, competitors, and more.

The Readiness Assessment Services package will rate companies' strengths for each category, as well as provide recommendations for those categories that need improvement.

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