Kryptiva Offers Free E-Mail Encryption Solution

The "infrastructure-independent" solution requires minimal installation time an works within the existing e-mail program

Kryptiva released on Monday its E-Mail Encryption Architecture as a downloadable solution that's free to companies in the United States and Canada.

According to a company press release, the E-Mail Encryption Architecture is a "peripheral, failsafe, stateless and infrastructure-independent" solution that requires minimal installation time and is easy to use. The product works from within an existing e-mail interface; users can send messages securely without requiring any keys or certificates for their receipt.

The E-Mail Encryption Architecture consists of three parts: the packaging plug-in, the packaging server, and Kryptiva's online services.

According to Karim Yaghmour, Kryptiva's founder and CEO, some companies may opt not to use e-mail encryption solutions because of their cost, intrusiveness and complex implementations.

"When developing Kryptiva's E-Mail Encryption Architecture, we took these failures into account and provided a solution that overcomes barriers and allows enterprise e-mail to truly become secure," Yaghmour said in a statement. "We've also gone a step further by combining authentication and proof-of-delivery to our solution in order to address more recent e-mail problems [like] spam, phishing and dropped e-mails resulting from overzealous filters."

Kryptiva's E-Mail Encryption Architecture is free to download at Kryptiva's site at Companies must complete an activation proces, which requires an SSL certificate proving a company's identity and location. The company plans to release additional for-fee services -- including proof-of-delivery, round-the-clock support and auditing tools -- during "early 2008."

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