Version 2.0 of Compliance Monitor Released

Company's Web site offers 30-day trial

PowerTech Group has released version 2.0 of Compliance Monitor, a regulatory compliance reporting product for IBM's System i. The latest release includes new features that will increase the "efficiency of [companies'] security compliance reporting," the company said in a press release.

Accorging to a statement from PowerTech CTO and vice president John Earl, there's currently a "gap" between today's security demands and the technologies that are presently available for IBM System i security.

"Many OS/400 shops have yet to embrace the new security technologies that are available in the architecture, and so they leave their critical data exposed," Earl said. "Compliance Monitor 2.0 helps organizations begin to close this gap by providing a streamlined tool for identifying and reporting security issues relating to the System i, vis-a-vis regulatory and compliance rules."

Compliance Monitor version 2.0 features log aggregation, which lets users store "large amounts" of data online, and log consolidation -- the ability to gather information from different sources and view them on one interface.

Other features include the ability to customize policy templates and more succinct report reviews, greater integration with other PowerTech offerings and easier-to-understand audit journals.

Go to for more information and to access a 30-day trial of Compliance Monitor version 2.0.

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