Ipedo Ships Next Version of XIP Data Virtualization Product

New features include support for MySQL 5.0 and incremental caching

Ipedo recently announced that version 4.3 of its Ipedo XIP data virtualization platform has started shipping. According to a press release from the company, the new version features "several major enhancements," including support for MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.

Version 4.3 also features "incremental caching" -- its cache can be refreshed part by part, which can result in a decrease in network traffic. The incremental caching feature keeps the cache in pace with any changes in remote data sources.

In addition, the latest release features "parameterized views" which, according to the company, "allow developers to encapsulate complex queries as parameterized templates, thereby avoiding construction of complex ad-hoc query strings at execution time." The views are created using a syntax that can be found in prepared statements during design time; during run time, parameter values get passed through the view.

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for an organization to access all of its information virtually," said Ipedo CEO Nick Zhang in a statement. "We continue to add features to allow our customers to grow their deployments with the knowledge that performance will be there.

More specifically, the company says these new features were made to "accommodate the growing use of open source databases in the enterprise" and to "increase both the flexibility for large deployments."

Version 4.3 of the Ipedo XIP is available for Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows. According to the company, pricing will be determined on a "per-CPU or annual subscription basis." For more information, visit http://www.ipedo.com.

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