Compuware Updates Business Requirements Management Solution

Compuware Optimal Trace 5.0 can customize project structure to improve collaboration between IT and the business

Compuware Corporation has released Compuware Optimal Trace 5.0, the latest version of its business requirements management solution. This new version lowers the barrier to entry so organizations can improve their requirements process. For example, if requirements were captured in Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, Optimal Trace 5.0’s intuitive document and text import capability can import the data into the Optimal Trace repository.

"It is challenging to get stakeholders to take the time to communicate effectively with business analysts and IT staff,” wrote Melinda-Carol Ballou, program director, Application Life-Cycle & ITMS at IDC in her June 2007 report, Emerging Requirements Market Drives IT/Business Adaptability. "The emergence of more intuitive tools that are usable by business executives in conjunction with analysts to capture and codify requirements is a key step forward.”

Optimal Trace 5.0 also adds complete structural flexibility for tailoring project and package/group structure to any project by extending the capability to create custom field definitions on any level, including at the project, package, or requirement level.

The company says the new version “dramatically improves the capability to propagate requirements to Compuware's Project and Portfolio Management solutions, ensuring complete alignment with the business.”

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