NetVault: Backup 8.0 Provides Integrated, Cross-platform Continuous Data Protection

BakBone data protection solution is simple yet flexible

BakBone Software has released version 8.0 of NetVault: Backup, the company’s flagship data protection solution. New in this release are integrated, continuous data protection (CDP) capabilities so customers can meet aggressive recovery point objectives instead of relying on Linux and Windows file server backup recovery points captured every 24 hours.

The feature, NetVault: TrueCDP, uses the same back-end hardware, providing a centralized repository of data so it eliminates the complexity of stand-alone CDP systems while providing up-to-the-second, real-time data capture for any-point-in-time (APIT) recoveries. Customers can define fixed-point-in-time (FPIT) recoveries (snapshots) for longer-term recovery points.

NetVault: Backup offers broad cross-platform support for Linux, Windows, and Solaris environments. Additional new features in this version include:

  • Increased storage management efficiency. The program’s integrated Shared Virtual Tape Library (SVTL) can be dynamically increased on the fly for easier storage growth. Version 8.0 adds restartable backups and support for additional cluster managers (Sun Cluster, Fujitsu Primecluster and Veritas Cluster Manager). %%Enhanced central management capabilities allow NetVault: Backup 8.0 to manage clients and servers across firewalls, extends administrative control, and provide upport for NetApp’s ShadowTape.

  • Improved security and regulatory compliance, including password change enforcement to improve security and compliance, plus improved encryption of copied data.

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