JasperSoft Upgrades Open-Source Business Intelligence Suite

Update focuses on improved usability

JasperSoft Corporation released JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite version 2.1. The upgrade focuses on enhancing usability and end-user functionality.

JasperSoft’s BI Suite 2.1 incorporates new features designed to reduce the gap between data and discovery, including

  • Advanced AJAX-based ad hoc charting and cross-tab analysis

  • Dashboard capabilities that can be deployed via portals

  • Data access security for data warehouses

  • An enhanced out-of-the-box experience to improve the productivity of new users

“The most powerful business intelligence is the kind that doesn’t rely on IT support and time-intensive training programs. We are simplifying the entire process with ease of use, and affordability while focusing on the features that truly impact user experience,” said Paul Doscher, CEO of JasperSoft, in a statement.

In addition to significant improvements to the user experience, JBIS programmability has been enhanced so it can be embedded with OEM and operational BI solutions, featuring complete public Java and AJAX APIs and Web services to manage scheduled reporting remotely.

The JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite Professional Edition is licensed on a per-CPU basis. JasperSoft’s Developer Edition is licensed on a per-developer basis. Visit www.jaspersoft.com for more information. Open-source editions are freely available for download at http://www.jasperforge.org.

About the Author

James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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