Sentrigo Upgrades Hedgehog Security Software for Oracle Databases

Support for more operating systems, new security features

Sentrigo, Inc. has updated its Hedgehog security software for Oracle databases. Version 1.2 expands operating system support for Hedgehog, automatically quarantines users when misuse is detected, improves support for enterprise use across databases, and enhances monitoring and alerts.

Hedgehog is a software-only solution that protects databases from privileged insiders (developers and database administrators) as well as external intrusions. It can monitor all local access and actions performed by stored procedures, views, and triggers, making it possible to prevent sophisticated attack vectors and provide reliable auditing for regulatory compliance.

New features in Sentrigo’s Hedgehog 1.2 include:

  • Hedgehog now supports Oracle release 8.1.7 and later for Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, IBM AIX 5.2 and 5.3, Sun Solaris, and most Linux distributions

  • Hedgehog can automatically quarantine users if it detects attempts to infiltrate the database

  • The Hedgehog administrator can write scripts that rules will trigger

  • A new dashboard screen gives managers a high-level view of their database security status

  • Enterprise-wide deployments can be managed with global policies, grouping, and tagging of rules and databases

Hedgehog has a commercial version plus a community edition that may be deployed and used free of charge. For additional information or to download the program, go to

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