OpenLogic Introduces Enterprise Open-Source Management, Governance Service

Software-as-a-service solution for open-source governance improves policy communication and collaboration

OpenLogic, Inc. today announced its OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) Enterprise Edition software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that provides comprehensive sourcing and governance of open source applications in the enterprise.

“Global 2000 organizations want to govern the use of open source in much the same way that they’ve managed commercial software packages,” said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic, in a statement. “Managing the legal and compliance risks associated with using dozens, if not hundreds of open source packages, is a real headache for many organizations. OLEX Enterprise Edition, provided as a SaaS offering, makes it even easier for companies to mitigate these risks, and ultimately encourages broader, more strategic use of open source across the organization.”

OpenLogic says its global 2000 customers have deployed nearly 100 open source packages, but the software often bypasses traditional procurement and approval processes, making it difficult for enterprises to ensure compliance with open source licenses, internal policies, and industry regulations. What IT needs is a centralized access point for managing open source software.

OLEX Enterprise Edition provides that centralized repository with built-in governance capabilities to:

  • Streamline internal request and approval processes

  • Ensure open source policy and license compliance

  • Create an audit trail of open source usage

OLEX Enterprise Edition, which is built atop the OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX), can:

  • Enable enterprises to securely track and govern open source usage

  • User roles and permissions: Control open source activities by technical staff, managers and administrators using roles and permissions

  • Create audit reports that track and analyze open source downloads; and

  • Automate internal processes to approve open source use for internal projects. For example, technical staff can make requests for open source software; managers and legal staff must review and approve such requests. A request’s progress can be monitored.

OLEX Enterprise Edition is available now. The open source approval features will be available in December of 2007. Pricing is by subscription, based on the number of users.

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