Information Builders’ Mobile Favorites Puts BI Data on Mobile Devices

Eliminates need for additional software, hardware, or security measures

Information Builders today released WebFOCUS Mobile Favorites. The mobile business intelligence product lets users access business data from any mobile device and manage it using a standard BI dashboard. This solution leverages Web browser technology so BI data can be delivered rapidly and efficiently to mobile users.

Information Builders says its product is a low-cost solution that doesn’t require additional software or hardware nor any special security enhancements. Mobile Favorites users can vary information requests by using interactive forms; users can take advantage of parameterized and active reports (the latter allow users to customize content and perform analytics).

“With just two clicks, content can be easily added or removed from the Mobile Favorites folder in Information Builders’ standard BI Dashboard. The process is no different from adding content to the favorites folder in a Web browser,” the company said in a statement.

Reporting through Mobile Favorites is performed using e-mail or the Internet on a mobile device. The Web UI extends to viewing a report, which the company says is similar to scrolling through a Web page.

Organizations can share documents across multiple devices without having to change the underlying systems infrastructure. Mobile Favorites is device independent; programmers do not have to customizing reports for different devices.

There is no device software to support because reports are delivered directly to a device’s browser. Since standard Web and BI technologies are used, no dedicated mobile servers are needed to convert BI content to mobile formats

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