MetaLINCS 4.0 Provides Intelligent, Enterprise-Class E-Discovery

integrated application for all core e-discovery functions and processes that organizations perform

MetaLINCS today released an update to its flagship product, MetaLINCS Enterprise E-Discovery Suite. Version 4.0 provides an integrated application for all core e-discovery functions and processes that organizations perform, meeting enterprise-class requirements associated with litigation and compliance-related investigations.

MetaLINCS Enterprise E-Discovery Suite was designed to be the primary software platform for organizations wishing to reduce the costs of outsourcing by managing some or all of their e-discovery processes in-house. MetaLINCS 4.0 makes it easier to rapidly deploy “best practice” enterprise-class e-discovery processes, including those set forth in the E-Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and the most recent version of the Sedona Group’s Sedona Principles Addressing Electronic Document Production.

MetaLINCS 4.0 incorporates a variety of new search and analysis features to help lower the cost of legal and investigatory document review and enable more powerful early case assessment, including: %%Automatic Topical Clustering: MetaLINCS 4.0 automatically creates hierarchical clusters of documents by grouping documents with similar content; clusters are built in real-time during processing, not in a post processing step

  • Context Search: Investigators can initiate a search based on any e-mail or document in the system to find similar documents; the search can be done on any portion of the item or the entire item

  • MetaLINCS Instant Clustering: The product’s new context search feature lets reviewers create custom clusters of documents based on any document they uncover during early case assessment or review

  • New Scripting Engine, Interface: The new scripting engine uses a graphical user interface to allow users to customize and automate common case management and analysis tasks

  • Graphical Query Builder: The product now supports double-sided wildcards and proximity searches incorporating wildcards; search enhancements can be incorporated into scripts

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