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Software solution strengthens enterprise security, compliance, administration efficiency

Vaau, Inc. has released RBACx 4.0, the newest solution in its line of role management and identity compliance software. The product allows customers to better manage the interrelationships between digital identities, its IT infrastructure, and critical business processes.

RBACx 4.0 addresses three primary areas of the company’s RBACx platform: identity warehousing, enterprise role engineering and management, and identity certification and auditing. It features an interactive Web 2.0 user interface, graphical dashboards for all of the solution’s modules: identity warehouse, identity audit, identity certification and role management.

Version 4.0 also offers an enhanced workflow engine to manage the lifecycle of roles so users can design workflow processes and call external functions from the workflow. The product’s role-versioning capability creates a complete snapshot of the role when major changes are made to the role (the versioning can also be triggered whenever the user requests).

Other new features include:

  • Rule Management: A complete setup of security, workflow, and auditing features for managing the lifecycle of rules, helping an enterprise gain greater efficiencies from a role-based access control model

  • Enhanced Identity Certification: A user can perform certifications at the instance- or server-level of a resource; users can drill-down into certifications; advanced filtering and searching capabilities are also offered

  • Enhanced Glossary: Glossary lookup extends across the RBACx suite

  • Enhanced Application Program Interface (API): RBACx 4.0 provides a comprehensive set of Web services for its major features

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