Nevis Networks Offers Mature, Deployable NAC and LAN Security Solutions

New release expands deployment and management toolset, expands compliance controls, includes customized NAC reporting

Nevis Networks has introduced a new operating software release for its LANenforcer LAN security solutions. The update:

  • Includes a messaging agent that offers feedback and custom messages to end users

  • Identifies corporate owned assets vs. guest/contractor assets

  • Evaluates policies and allows users to run "what if" scenarios for policy troubleshooting and planning

  • Supports running posture checks on endpoints without administrator or power-user status

  • Can perform posture checks on running processes

  • Includes a scan profiler to reduce malware false positives

  • Full customized reporting and pre-defined reports

“Security analysts and market research all indicate that NAC solutions are not living up to customer expectations, because of the immaturity of the technology and the market realization that NAC has too many moving parts,” noted Dominic Wilde, Nevis’ vice president of marketing, in a company statement. “This can be very disruptive to the existing infrastructure, and does not address the real challenges organizations are facing in managing endpoint risk. Customers have helped us to ensure that LANenforcer 4.0 operating software dramatically raises the bar in terms of a mature, full-featured LAN security solution.”

LANenforcer 4.0 can improve the ease of use and deployment for network access control (NAC) and associated LAN security solutions while increasing the relevance of NAC solutions to compliance and risk management initiatives.

LANenforcer 4.0 introduces a dissolvable messaging agent that runs in the system tray of a desktop system. The agent helps users determine whether policy enforcement actions have affected their access and how to resolve the issue without resorting to calls to the Help desk. The new operating environment also supports selective operating system posture checks, checks for running processes, and a new posture check dashboard so network administrators can view endpoint status and issues.

According to the company, the new 4.0 operating software lets Nevis LANenforcer solutions "block or drop packets that do not conform to the application usage policies of the organization. This is critical for many compliance initiatives, as well as to contain the spread of malware."

"While IM is a legitimate business productivity tool that facilitates real time communications, these applications pose multiple security and compliance risks. Further complicating matters is how difficult IM has been to audit," said Analyst Michael Montecillo with Enterprise Management Associates, in a statement. "Having visibility and being able to enforce controls on the applications and protocols running over the internal LAN is an essential component of ensuring security. Implementing these capabilities into a NAC solution is an important extension to the endpoint validation handled by NAC."

Enterprises can design customized reports that address compliance and audit requirements, based on the network-wide visibility and packet analysis information gathered by the LANenforcer solutions.

Pricing for LANenforcer solutions begins at under $15 U.S./per user. It is a free upgrade to existing customers. For more information, visit

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